A shared opportunity for clergy of all faiths to give a sermon on food waste and hunger

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Food Waste Weekend: September 6-8, 2019

Why Should You Participate?

To Learn, and Then Speak About The Staggering Amount of Food That Goes to Waste

For people across America attending a house of worship to hear a sermon about food waste, its impact, their faith teachings on the subject, and learn about some of the steps they can do to alleviate it in their life

To Help Your Food Pantry Or One Nearby Get Fresh Food For Hungry Families

For the food pantries in your house of worship to benefit from donations of excess food – especially excess locally grown fresh food donations that will otherwise gone to waste.

To Help Your Congregation Learn What Their Faith Says About Food Waste

For the houses of worship to explore how they as an organization might reduce food waste. Find out more how you can help your congregation make an impact!


percent of all food in America is never consumed


billion pounds of food America looses/wastes per year


million food insecure Americans struggle to feed their families